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PlatinuMath is a suite of math games packaged within a comprehensive professional development toolkit for pre-service AND practicing K-8 teachers.
There is also a student version available for students in grades 4-8.


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providing a comprehensive math learning experience

for teachers AND students...

Our product features speak for themselves...

PlatinuMath is a comprehensive math learning program featuring a spellbounding steampunk adventure narrative AND fun & addictive math learning games! But that's just the beginning... For future and practicing teachers, the product provides a comprehensive learning experience for brushing up on math skills and becoming more comfortable using gaming in the classroom. The product also features classroom learning resources and lesson planning tools to help supercharge math learning in the classroom. PlatinuMath provides:

Math Professional Development for K-8 and Pre-Service Teachers

Mapping to Common Core & State Standards

Games with Differentiated Learning (6 Levels of Difficulty)

Teacher Resources for Blended Learning & Lesson Planning

Student Versions for Grades 4-8 & Developmental Students

Conceptual & ProcedurAL skillbuilding

Developed Through Evidence-Based Game Design.

The Archives

Fractions, Division

The Warehouse

Multiplication, Factors, Multiples

The Tunnels

Estimation, Expressions

The Menagerie

Modifying Algebraic Expressions

A powerful math learning toolkit

For K-8 AND Pre-Service Teachers.

Engaging, Addictive Learning Games

For conceptual & procedural skillbuilding.

PlatinuMath is available for pre-service and in-service teacher trainining in math. PlatinuMath covers the cornerstone and foundational concepts across the Common Core standards for math (K-8) using games that provide rich skill-building experiences that never get dull or boring. Contact us at for details on integrating PlatinuMath into college math methods courses for pre-service K-8 teachers or for school-based mathematics professional development.

PlatinuMath Game on iPad

Authentic Tools for Real-Life Math Teaching

Can bring about a profound change in the classroom.

Partnered with PlatinuMath games are tools for integrating authentic contexts into real life mathematical teaching. These resources include engaging multimedia of expert practicing teachers, robust & user-friendly lesson plans, opportunities to build new lesson plans using PlatinuMath games, rich blended learning experiences, authentic assessment tools, and social tools to discuss math teaching with cohorts or peers.

Common Core Standards Ready

And easy to integrate into existing teaching practices.

PlatinuMath materials are distributed across six broad topic areas of the math learning spectrum: Place Value, Operations with Fractions, Operations with Decimals, Linear Relations, Geometry, and Proportion. Within each of these fundamental content areas, we have included hundreds of resources that cover the breadth of K-8 math learning. Plus, we have mapped all materials back to the Common Core and state standards.

The PlatinuMath Learning Approach

Is designed around a core set of learning landscapes.


The math concept areas are introduced and described briefly as a setup for engagement. Common Core mapping is provided as well as specific learning targets for the topic module.


The PlatinuMath story videos and games form the heart of our toolkit. Engage in open play with PlatinuMath games and access tools for being successful with game play.


Access customized learning lessons and engaging multimedia of expert practicing teachers, related content teaching & learning tools, and formal math practice tools.


Apply understanding of current concepts through real world activities. For teachers who have engaged with PlatinuMath for Professional Development, these resources can also be used with students in the classroom.


Create lesson plans using the PlatinuMath games as centerpieces of the instruction. Share lesson plans with other teachers and discuss lesson planning strategies for related concepts.


Collaboration and consultation with peers and experts enhance the teacher’s understanding of subject and teaching practice. Teachers are encouraged to engage with their peers on related math concepts.



For Grades 4-8

Console quality gaming makes learning fun for students!

For Developmental Learners

Appropriate for high schoolers & college students needing extra practice.



For Homeschoolers

A perfect supplement to existing homeschool practices.

Performance Tracking

Teachers track student progress via a robust administrative dashboard.



Engaging Narrative Story

A combination of live action & 3D animation brings PlatinuMath to life.

Game Play Across the Standards

Students pick up fundamental skills for development of true mathematical thinking.



The PlatinuMath system is research-based

and effective for teachers & students.

Designed to strengthen math knowledge...

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Improved competence & changed attitudes...

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Builds conceptual & Procedural Skills...

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Games can transform learning...

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Teachers understanding enhanced...

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Games move learning forward...

Van Eck, R., Brewster, S., Roberts, N., Brown, R., & Triad Interactive Media (2013). PlatinuMath: Final evaluation report. [unpublished grant report]


Triad Interactive Media. View Pre-Service Use Case Documentation.



  • Preservice or Practicing Teachers
  • Single Use
  • Video Orientation
  • Email Support

Teacher Cohorts

  • Preservice or Practicing Teachers
  • Group Use
  • 1-Day Live Training
  • Email & Phone Support



  • Single Use
  • Video Orientation
  • Performance Tracking
  • Email Support

Full Classroom

Price Varies

  • Full Classroom Use
  • Video Orientation
  • Performance Tracking
  • Email Support

PlatinuMath Frequently Asked Questions

Check Here Before Contacting Support.

I forgot how to get into PlatinuMath.

Contact support at, and we'll re-send your original PlatinuMath access notification.

Can I use PlatinuMath on my iPad or tablet?

Our games are currently being updated to work with the newest mobile operating systems. We will update this Web site when these updates are ready.

Can I use a Mac or Windows to play?

PlatinuMath works on both systems. We do recommend the Google Chrome browser for best results.

I lost my login info for PlatinuMath

Contact support at and include your contact information. We'll send it right out to you.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to use ?

Yes, you must be connected to the Internet to play. Broadband is recommended because of the robust video narratives and game play graphics.

I used PlatinuMath in my college math methods course, can I use it with the K-8 students I now teach?

If you purchased PlatinuMath previously for college credit or for professional development, you can use it with your students for a deep discount per student. Contact support at for pricing details.

Why does each person need their own account for PlatinuMath?

If more than one user accesses a single PlatinuMath account, scores become invalid. Contact if you have questions about group pricing for PlatinuMath.

SEE PlatinuMath In Action

“The games cover principal standards-relevant topics and can supplement any preservice curriculum or teacher professional development training. Additional components of the games include content that adjusts to the level of the user...”

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“PlatinuMath was designed to strengthen inservice & preservice elementary and middle school teachers' knowledge of mathematics. It also helps teachers become more comfortable using games in the classroom..”

Vimeo Video of PlatinuMath

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